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Directions for taking the CCSC Exam:

Congratulations.  You are about to start the CCSC Certification examination process.  This is a timed examination, meaning, once you begin the exam, you will have 90 minutes to complete all questions and no longer.  You may not  bookmark the exam and return to complete it later.  So, be sure you have ample uninterrupted time to complete the exam.

This is an open book exam.  You may refer to your course manual and class notes.  Have a calculator and note paper available for completing any required computations.  You should have already received a Login and Password to enter into the fields below to access your exam.  If not, contact RCCSP Testing Support at the email address or phone number below.

The exam contains 75 randomly selected multiple-choice questions on material that was covered in class.  

Should you encounter any technical difficulties, you can contact RCCSP testing support at the Resource Center by:

   Phone: (708) 246-0320

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