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Business Case Submission Requirements for CCCM, CQMP and CWMP Candidates

If you are pursuing a Certified Call Center Manager, Certified QUality Management Professional, or Certified Workforce Management Professional designation, you are required to submit a best-efforts Business Case for your work project immediately after selecting the topic. Use the Business Case template provided in your certification tool kit.  The RCCSP Review Team member assigned to you will review your business case and provide corrective guidance only if deemed necessary.

Submitting Final Work Project Deliverables for Approval and Acceptance

Please attach and email completed project documentation to:

Project Review Team <>

Feedback will be provided by the RCCSP Alliance review team within four weeks of project submission.  If your project deliverables are deemed incomplete or insufficient, a member of the certification review team will contact you with suggestions for additional work and improvements to your project.

RCCSP certification will be awarded upon project approval and acceptance.  You will be notified by email by the RCCSP registrar, who will also request exact spelling and layout preferences for engraving your name on a crystalline RCCSP Alliance certification award.  If you fail to respond in a timely manner, RCCSP will use the name on file for purposes of engraving.

Should you encounter any technical difficulties submitting either a business case or project documentation to the RCCSP certification review team, contact RCCSP support at the Resource Center by:

Phone: (708) 246-0320

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