Select and Submit a Certification Project Topic for Approval RCCSP
The certification process for managerial-level RCCSP credentialing has three components:
  1. Demonstration of learned skills under the guidance and observation of a RCCSP-accredited trainer,
  2. Achievement of a passing score on the knowledge assessment exam, and
  3. Completion of a management-level contact center performance-improvement or process-improvement project evidencing application of management-level skills and knowledge.

If you have completed steps one and two, congratulations on your achievement!  It is now time to move forward to the completion of a work project and earning your certification.

When is a Certification Work Project Required?

Certain managerial certifications require a proof of the candidate's ability to apply skills and knowledge in a live contact center work environment.  This requirement can be satisfied by planning, implementing and submitting for acceptance a high-quality process improvement or performance improvement work project.

Certifications that have a work project component include:

  • Certified Call Center Manager
  • Certified Call Center Director
  • Certified Workforce Management Professional
  • Certified Quality Management Professional

Fulfilling the Certification Work Project Requirement

There are three steps to the work project submission process:

  1. Select a project that you would like to complete and submit your project topic to the RCCSP certification review team for approval before beginning work on the project. Suggested topics and a submission form are provided below.
  2. After receiving notification that your project topic has been approved, prepare and submit a business case for your project. A business case template is provided in the companion Tool Kit to your course materials. Describe in your business case what project deliverables you intend to submit at the completion of the project.  The business case will be reviewed, and you will receive correspondence from your assigned project reviewer.
  3. Complete and submit project documentation for review, feedback, approval, and final acceptance.  

Candidates have six months in which to complete the project and submit project documentation for review and acceptance. Certification will be awarded upon acceptance of the final work product.

Select Your Project Topic

Use this web page to complete Step 1 above -- to select and submit a project topic -- before starting work on the project.  Try to submit your project selection within two weeks of passing the online certification exam.

  • Select a project from the list below that corresponds to the certification you are pursuing.
    • You may select a project from the list below, or suggest a topic of your own in the "Other" field.  If you prefer to suggest a topic of your own, please be specific as to the project objectives.
    • If more than one person from your organization's management team is pursuing certification, consider tackling a larger, team-based project, with each candidate responsible for one area of the project.
  • Click the "Submit Selection" button to transmit your topic to the review team for approval.  
  • After submitting a proposed topic, a member of the certification review team will contact you within two weeks about your topic selection.

Select a Work Project That Corresponds to the Certification You Are Pursuing
CCCM Project Topics CWMP Project Topics CCCD Project Topics


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 Virtual - February 2021
 Virtual - January 2021
 Baltimore, MD - January 2021
 Nashville, TN - March 2020
 Nashville, TN - February 2020
 Columbia, SC - February 2020
 Atlanta, GA - January 2020
 Tallahassee, FL - December 2019
 West Des Moines, IA - October 2019
 Dayton, OH - October 2019
 Atlanta, GA - October 2019
 Chesapeake, VA - July 2019
 Clearwater, FL - May 2019
 Orlando, FL - April 2019
 Nashville, TN - April 2019
 Houston, TX - March 2019
 San Antonio, TX - January 2019
 Dayton, OH - October 2018
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 Porterville, CA - September 2018

Should you encounter any technical difficulties, contact RCCSP testing support at the Resource Center by:

Phone: (708) 246-0320

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