Prepare for the Certification Exam RCCSP

Format of the Exam

Your professional certification exam will assess job-related knowledge and use of job-related tools. This is an online exam consisting of multiple choice and true/false questions. Exam questions are delivered randomly, and assess knowledge of subject matters and materials, all of which would have been reviewed if you attended an accredited preparatory training course.

What to Have On-Hand

During the exam, you may refer to training course manuals, notes, reference materials and software tools.  If the knowledge requirements for the certification you are pursuing include metrics, staffing, or optimization, you should have a calculator (standard deviation capable) and note paper, or a software tool, available for completing computations.

Time Limitations

This is a timed examination, meaning, once you begin the exam, you will have 90 minutes to complete all the questions and no longer.  You may not bookmark the exam, leave the session, and resume later. So, be sure to have ample uninterrupted time to complete the exam.  Keep a timepiece handy so that you can monitor your remaining time.  


Once you have submitted your completed exam, or the allotted time has run out, your final score and results by subject will display.  Print or save a copy of your results before navigating away from this page.

Format of the Exam

Immediated after you log in to the certification exam, you will be able to see all of the exam questions, and will be able to move back and forth through the exam questions. You are not required to complete exam questions sequentially. If you are unsure of some answers and skip questions, you will be able to go back and complete them during the exam period.

Examination Tips

  • Historically, candidates taking the exam immediately after completely training score higher than candidates that delay and take the exam closer to the deadline.  
  • Candidates taking the exam at their office during work hours, where interruptions may occur, are at higher risk of not completing all the exam questions.  Plan to take the exam when you will not be disturbed or distracted.
  • Most candidates use all of the allotted time to complete the exam.  Pace yourself.  Divide the allotted time by the number of exam questions.  You will have some idea of how far along you should be each half-hour.  The number of questions on your certification exam is indicated below.
  • Familiarize yourself with the structure of any training manuals and reference materials so that you can utilize these materials efficiently.
  • Do not leave any question unanswered.
  • Review all of your answers before clicking submit (but do not second guess yourself).
  • Do not hit the back button on the browser at any time during the exam, and do not close the browser.
  • When thinking of the answer to the question, don't think of your particular call center, but of call centers and learned best practices in general.

Length of the Exam:

  • Certified Contact Center Professional - 60 questions
  • Certified Collections Professional - 60 questions
  • Certified Contact Center Supervisor - 75 questions
  • Certified Call Center Manager - 75 questions
  • Certified Contact Center Director - 40 questions
  • Certified Workforce Management Professional - 50 questions
  • Certified Call Center Engineer - 60 questions

Retake Options

If you do not pass the exam on your first try, you are not alone.  Candidates are permitted up to three attempts to pass the certification exam before being required to attend re-qualification training.  There are administrative fees associated with retaking the exam.

Examination Support

Should you encounter any technical difficulties, contact RCCSP testing support at the Resource Center:

Phone: (708) 246-0320

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